Heroes Monument in Kakopetria

The Heroes Monument in Kakopetria is dedicated to the heroes who, with their sacrifice, sealed the National Liberation War of 1955-1959. The unveiling of the monument was carried out on 27th June 1993 by the former President of the Republic of Cyprus, Glafkos Clerides. The project has been completed, thanks to the contribution of the Council of Historical Memory of EOKA (ΣΙΜΑΕ).

At the moment, the seal of the double-winged victory flag is flown. On the 29th of May 2005, the carvings of Alekos Constantinou and Panagiotis Toumazos were added to the monument. The first hero comes from Kakopetria, while the last hero fought and died in the area.

Panayiotis Toumazos was sacrificed during the National Liberation Struggle of 1955-1959 against the British colonial rule. Panagiotis Toumazos participates in the distribution of flyers, but also in the recording of slogans. His passion for liberation led him to operate both in assault groups and in ambush. In the winter of 1955, Panagiotis Toumazos played an important role in the successful outcome of a British Army vehicle blasting operation. Thus, in December of the same year, Panagiotis Toumazos, with the help of his comrades, carried out a bombing against a military vehicle.

Alekos Constantinou was a high ranking officer in the British army. With the onset of the Liberation Struggle Against the British, he did not resign from his post in the British army, but instead used it to the advantage of his homeland. Alekos Constantinou played an important and lasting role throughout the Liberation Struggle.