Heroes Statues of the Fighters of EOKA

The Statues of the heroes of EOKA is located in the centre of Spilia village. It is a group of four statues of the EOKA fighters who were killed in Kourdali on the 20th of June, 1958 while they were training in the use of land mines: Andreas Patsalides, Kostas Anaxagoras, Panagiotis Georgiadis and Alekos Konstantinou.

The monument was built at a site bought by the Emigrants Association of the comminity. For the creation of the statues, a committee was formed with sponsors, social clubs and the families of the heroes. In a corner, a plaque lists the names of other heroes of the Spilia-Kourdali community who lost their lives defending their homeland, Chrysostomos Kleanthis Ierides who fought in 1914-1918, Andreas Patsalides and Costas Anaxagoras who fought in 1955-1959, Andreas Agisilaou and Michalakis Chr. Kakoullis who fought in 1963-1965 and Andreas Neoklis Ioannou and Loizos K. Koukkoulis who were killed in 1974.

A visit to the heroes statues can also be combined with a visit to EOKA Limeria, which is a system of three hideouts, warehouses, galleys, observatories, etc. on the ridge that overlooks the village of Kourdali.