Holy Monastery of Panagia Chrysokourdalliotissa

The Holy Monastery of Panagia Chrysokourdaliotissa is located in the village of Kourdali in the beautiful area of ​​Solea.

The Monastery was built by the Kourdali family, led by priest Leo Kourdalis and his relative,  high priest Ioannis Kourdalis, and dated in the late 15th / early 16th century. This is one of the many cases of private monasteries and churches, built in Cyprus by clergy or locals during the Venetian domination. Formerly a male monastery, it was abandoned later, perhaps during the Ottoman domination, and so the monastery’s base was used as a church of the later village of Kourdalon.

The architectural style of the church is a wooden roof with its own sloping roof. The church is three-parts, with a semicircular arch engraved on a straight east wall. The rectangular shape of the plan looks incomplete, since the southern aisle is shorter to the east by about two metres relative to the other aisles of the building. The southern wall of the church extends to the west in a Γ-shape. Another special element of this temple is its stalls, with carved dragons on the side, dating back to the Venetian domination.


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