Kakopetria Community Council

Kakopetria is located in the southwestern part of the Nicosia capital and is built at the foot of the Troodos Mountain range, in particular on the north side of the mountain range. It is located at an altitude of 667 metres and is the highest village in the valley of Solea. The community has about 1,300 permanent residents.

There are three version as to from where the name Kakopetria came:

  1. Kakopetria is said to have gotten its name by the Greek words for ‘bad’ and ‘stone’, because in earlier times its location was not only rocky but also difficult to cross on foot.
  2. Close to the big bridge at the entrance of the village there is a large stone, known as the Stone of Androgynos. Traditionally, newly-married couples would sit on this stone to aid fertility and bring a happy marriage. One day the stone rolled and crushed the newly married couple. After this event, the inhabitants called the stone ‘Kakopetra’ (Bad Stone) and then the village was named Kakopetria.
  3. One of the rulers of Marathasa had 3 sons, one of whom was called Petris. Petris was naughty, hyperactive, intolerable and bad. His brothers were fed up with his behaviour and asked their father to send him away. The father sent him to the other side of the mountain. So poor Petris arrived in the area of ​​the old village. He was the first settler. With the words Kakos (Bad) and Petris (the Greek word for Peter, also means stone) the village was named Kakopetria.

For more information about the village you can visit the official website or contact the Community Council.

Contact info
Address: 20 Arch. Makarios Str., 2800, Kakopetria
Tel.: +357 22 922999
Fax: +357 22 922288
Email: kakopetriaeu@cytanet.com.cy
Website: http://www.kakopetria.eu/


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