Kakopetria Forest

The Kakopetria Forest covers most of the Troodos Mountains and has been declared a National Forest Park. Its management has been undertaken by the Department of Forests.

Two rivers spring from the forest, Garrillis and Karkotis, which join in the village and form the river Klario, which gives life to the valley of Solea.

The forest has rich flora and fauna. Indicatively the flora consists of Trachia (rough) Pine (Pine), Black Pine, Troodos cypresses, maples, wild goats and wild pear trees. The fauna includes vultures, crows, eagles, the short-toed treecreeper (Certhia brachydactyla), the Cyprus wheatear, and others.

In total there are 10 trails within the Park, totaling 57.6 km, all preserved and marked. One of them is designed to be wheelchair-accessible.

There are also 9 excursions in the Park area. Some of the available facilities offer wooden tables, drinking water, car parks, toilets and playgrounds.

There are 3 campgrounds. Two of them are spaces for short stays with basic facilities, while the third space, 500m east of Troodos square, is suitable for longer stays, as it includes upgraded facilities.

At the Nero tou Pefkou (Pine Water) and Kannoures sites, there were underground Chromium mines, which were in operation until recently. The Chromium processing plant was located close to Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis.

Regional Forestry Officer of Troodos, tel.: +357 22924221
Park Officer, tel.: +357 22805533


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