Kakopetria Police Station

The Kakopetria Police Station operated in the mid-20th century around 1952. It is located near the Community Council, in the centre of the village.

The Police Station belongs to Morphou Police Headquarters, whose headquarters were transferred after Morphou’s occupation by the Turks in August 1974 in Pedoulas and then in Evrychou, where it is housed today with the Police Station with the same name.

The Police of Kakopetria perform patrols in the neighbouring 8 villages; Kakopetria, Galata, Sina Oros, Kaliana, Spilia, Kourdali, Agia Irini, Kannavia, as well as traffic control.

The Kakopetria Police Station is administratively assigned to the Morphou Police Directorate, which is one of the six Police Offices in total. It is run by a Senior Officer, who is accountable to the Chief of Police through Assistant Chiefs. Six Police Stations operate as follows: Police Station of Astromeritis, Evrychou, Kakopetria, Pedoulas, Kambos and Kato Pyrgos.

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Address: Kakopetria, Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel .: +357 22 81 39 77


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