Kapouras (Kapourás) Excursion Area

In the area of ​​Kapouras, in the middle of the villages of Kannavia – Agios Georgios Kafkalou and only 2 kilometres from Vyzakia, is the Kapouras Excursion Area. Geographically, it belongs to the Nicosia province, about 4 kilometres northeast of the village of Kannavia, which includes its administrative boundaries. It is a beautifully landscaped area in the Adelphi forest, which meets the peace of nature and the fresh air of pine and cypress trees. The excursion was named after the village of Kapoura, which was abandoned after 1976. The settlement probably took its name from Cyperus rotundus, a native weed in Cyprus.

Amenities include wooden benches and tables, barbecue grills, drinking water fountains, lavatories, as well as a playground with slides, swings and tunnels.

The view of the excursion is limited, as it lies between the two sides of a narrow and deep valley. In the picnic area one will see cypress and cedar trees, wild roses and pine trees. In the surrounding area, plane trees, willows, alder trees, lakes, acacias, shrubs and plums.

The creation of the Excursion area was undertaken by the Department of Forests and can accommodate about 150 people. In the same area there is a Forest Station.


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