Kourdali Community Council

The history of Kourdali village begins in the 16th century AD, the century when the monastery of Panagia Chrysokourdaliotissa was built, which was the centre of a monastery that lay around it. Over time, the village grew and the inhabitants also acquired their estates. The community grew, because the small communities in the surrounding areas were being dissolved and several of their inhabitants fled to Kourdali. The Kurdish came to its greatest edge around the 1960s.

Visit the Monastery of Panayia Chrysokourdaliotissa, the EOKA lodges and the Museum dedicated to the EOKA fighters. Alternatively, cross the nature trail “Kourdali-Limeria” and discover a treasure of a variety of flora and fauna.

For more information about the village you can visit the official website or contact the Community Council.

Contact info
2846, Kourdali
Tel.: +357 22923282
Fax: +357 22762912
Email: s.eliades@hotmail.com
Website: http://spilia.org/


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