Kourdalli – Limeria Nature Trail

At ‘Selladi Tis Straorouthkias’ you can access this trail by car via a dirt road from Spilia village, at a distance of about 2 km you can follow the road on foot to Limeria, for around 2 km.

Route details
Starting point: The village of Kourdali.
Length: 3.6 km
Time: 1.5 hours
Degree of difficulty: 2

Points of Interest: Forest area route. This route offers the opportunity to visit various hideouts used by the rebels of the 1955-59 liberation struggle. The path is connected with the path of Agia Irini and for 2 km it has a regular course from Selladi Tis Straorouthkias to Limeria.

During  course of the path there are two places with drinking water and benches for rest, while at the end of the path, Selladi Tis Straorouthkias, a kiosk has been built, where there are also benches and drinking water.

Walking along, one will discover a wide variety of flora and fauna. For public information, labels are placed all along the trail. Some of the flora you may encounter on the trail are scallops, plane trees, oaks, olive trees, eucalyptus and myrtle. Also, thyme, wild roses, shrubs and wild flowers are incorporated on the path making it unique in natural beauty.

The species of the animal kingdom indigenous to the area and can be found along the trail are wild pigeons, swallows, partridges, various species of sparrow, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see hares and foxes.


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