Kria Vrisi (Cool Water Spring)

Kria Vrisi is the old water fountain of Spilia village. It is a water tank that was built in 1908 and receives the water of two adjacent sources. The water ends up in the tank through stone grooves. From the tank it flows with two taps that are at different heights in three troughs: two for humans and one for their donkeys. The water is very cold and with a very pleasant taste. By 1960, approximately, it was the main source of water for the village. Here the boys and girls would gather in the afternoon to fill their jugs with water, but also to chat or socialise.

Around 1980 the water was infested with adjoining houses and became unsuitable for drinking. Nevertheless, Kria Vrisi continued to cause a magical attraction to the locals not only for its water, but also for its history and the enchanting scenery around it. That is why the Emigrants Association, in cooperation with the District Administration of Nicosia, proceeded in 1987 to decorate the surrounding area, with stone that also decorated the area, giving it additional beauty.