Kria Vrisi (The Cool Water Fountain)

In the Agios Theodoros Soleas (Saint Theodoros Soleas) village and the eastern bank of the Atsa river, at the root of a huge, steep cliff there is, since time immemorial, a historic cool fresh water fountain (Kria Vrisi) of the village. A beautiful treasure, hidden beneath poplar, walnut and terebinth trees, the fountain offered cool water to anyone who needed it. A unique, drinkable water fountain, which supplied water to the local inhabitants as well as to livestock that lived in the region.

It was notably one of the most important points of the village until the 1950s. The cool fountain, called Kria Vrisi in Greek, was a meeting point for locals in the olden days; and an excuse for social gatherings and to take a break from their daily chores. Through the passing of time, development and technological progress, the drinking water was eventually routed to every household of the village. The cool fountain never ceased to offer its water to passers-by and locals alike.

Nowadays, due to work in the area of the cool fountain, a beautiful picnic area has been created. A paved square with wooden tables, benches and shelters has been created to serve anyone who wants to refresh themselves with the cool fresh mountain water of this natural fountain.