Kykkos Monastery Museum

Kykkos Monastery museum was inaugurated in May 1998 and meets all scientific standards and international standards. In it are exhibited ecclesiastical items, old maps, gravures, ancient objects and many other exhibits of the cultural tradition of the place. Most of the ecclesiastical items, such as vestments, icons, books and manuscripts, existed in the Monastery, while some of the rest were previously taken from various parts of Cyprus and channelled abroad, from where they were bought and repatriated.

The exhibition grounds of the Museum are located in the northwest of the existing old complex of the Monastery. Specifically, it consists of the following rooms:

  1. Ancient collection.
  2. Early Christian, Byzantine, Post-Byzantine, Vestments, Jewellery.
  3. Pictures, Frescoes, Wood carvings.
  4. Manuscripts, documents, books.
  5. Shop.

Part of the Museum is the Workshop for the preservation of manuscripts, icons and monasteries, where the monastery is maintained and preserved.

Museum Hours:
Monday-Sunday 10:00 am – 17:00 pm (Winter Hours)
Monday-Sunday 10:00 am – 18:00 pm (summer time)


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