Molos Park

A wonderful park is located near the village of Flassou, under the Molos water mill and next to the Klario River.

At this location the inhabitants “dammed” the river, that is, they closed it off so as to gather a lot of water, and then opened it to forcefully to run water into the stone-built mill, grinding the wheat. Now there is a tourist site that is all stone-built.

The scenery is impressive in the beautiful and virgin riverside forest that belongs to the village of Flassou. A typical tree is the wild mulberry, offering its shade in the summer, while in the winter it lets the sun’s rays penetrate and warm the visitors. The magic of the landscape ends with the presence of the Klario River, which forms small waterfalls and lakes.
The excursion space is divided into two levels, each with table and a built-in barbecue.


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