Mountain Climbing Point

The Kakopetria mountain climbing site is situated at an altitude of 1150 metres and is one of the few mountaineering spots in the Troodos region. There are 5 sports tracks on an easy-to-climb plate for advanced climbers.

It is a particularly beautiful mountain climbing spot especially during the afternoon of summer, when it is also in the shade.

Notes: Professional equipment is essential for any climbing at this pointas is supervisor training for beginners.

A visit to the mountain climbing point can be combined with a walk through one of the many nature trails in the area, such as the Vateri Nature trail, located in the heart of Kakopetria, which was created on the west bank of the Klarion riverside and along its length follows the course of the river. A dense forest of Plane trees and oaks, creating a beautiful backdrop for photographs.

For more information, contact the Troodos Development Company at +357 22 952 043.