Moutti tou Thkia (Zeus’s Peak)

The peak above the coastal plain of the Solea region, next to the current Agios Theodoros Village.
The people of the Solea region, in ancient times, would worship Zeus (Dias), the father of God and Man. In fact, on one of the mountainsides, which overlooks the coastal plain of Solea, Zeus would visit and sit on a throne, hence why it is called The peak of Zeus (Moutti tou Thkia).

Ascending from Nicosia to the Troodos mountain range, just before Evrychou village, to the left, in the forest, one can see some of the first houses of Agios Theodoros Village. The name is derived from the church of Saint Theodore the crusader (Agios Theodoros o Stratilatis), which is built in the middle of the villages fields. During February, the view is made even more interesting due to the Almond trees in bloom.
For more information on the village, you can visit the official website or contact the local council.

Contact Information:
Telephone No.: +357 22932872
Address: Community Council of Agios Theodoros Soleas – 2823, Agios Theodoros Soleas.


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