Murals of the Agios Sozomenos Church

The church of Agios Sozomenos is located in the centre of the old village of Galata. It was built and frescoed in 1513, with the financial support of fourteen inhabitants of the village. Their names, as well as the professions of some of them, refer to the landmark, which is located above the western entrance of the church.

The frescoes inside the church are generally in good condition. They belong to the early works of painter Simeon Afxentis, a painter whose characteristic is the use of a warm red amber that he uses on the faces of the figures.

The frescoes are developed in two zones. In the upper zone there are painted scenes from the Christological circle, while in the lower zone are displayed upright forms of saints under painted arcs. In the arch of the Sacred podium is depicted the Virgin Mary with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel on both sides. The frescoes on the outer side of the northern wall include scenes of the Second Coming, a great image of the Iesai Root that depicts Christ’s genealogy tree and finally the representations of the eight Ecumenical Synods of the Orthodox Eastern Church.

To arrange a visit to the church, please contact Kyriakos Charalambous on (+357) 99-720918.


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