Murals of the Church of Archangel Michael

The church of Archangel Michael is a wood-chapel church dating from the 16th century and is very close to the church of Panagia Podithou.

Of particular interest is the landmark inscribed above the northern entrance where the devotee is pictured with his family. In the middle, Christ sits on a throne, while on both sides the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist stand in a stand of obedience. The Virgin with the right hand shows the donor offering the church model. It is the Zacharias Pole that is kneeling and offers the model of the church with its key. His son, who is kneeling in front of him, wears white clothes away. The right of Deesis is the kneeling of the wife of Pole Mandela and her three girls.

The frescoes of the church are kept in good condition and include scenes from the life, Passions, Resurrection and Ascension of the Lord, and scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary to her Holiness. A great number of saints, martyrs, hierarchs, ashes, ascetics, as well as scenes from the Old Testament are also depicted. His memory is celebrated on September 6th “in memory of the Chaos of Miracles”, which he made in Phrygia and stopped the flow of three rivers so as not to destroy his church that was there.

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