Museum of EOKA fighters’ sacrifice

At 11 am, Friday, 20th of June, 1958, in the village of Kourdali, one of the most terrible explosions happened, during the liberation struggle. It was the ground floor of Andreas and Irene Patsalidis’s house. Their house that offered shelter to the fighters was blown up. This is where the EOKA fighters Andreas Patsalidis died at the age of 25 years, Kostas Anaxagoras 23 years old, Alekos Konstantinos 23 years old and Panagiotis Georgiadis 28 years old, who was wanted as he was the leader of a group of the region.

During a secret training in the construction of new and more efficient explosive mixtures to be used by fighters, there was a violent explosion. Many of EOKA’s weapons and ammunition were hid in the house, for which the heroes were discussing whether to move to another place because of the British army raids in the area. The explosion killed the men who were in the house at the time. The terrible explosion was under mysterious conditions, which was never solved.

In this area of ​​the terrible accident, personal items of the heroes and photographs with explanatory texts.

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Address: 2846, Kourdali
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