Museum of Mining Heritage

The Museum of Mining Heritage in Kadydata was created by the Community Council of the village and the Emigrants Association of Katydata. It is located in the centre of the community, next to the Community Council office. The Cultural Centre of Katydata is also located here. Both the yard and the buildings are impressive.

The Museum is housed in two halls. One of them is designed in such a way as to give the impression of a mine. They have elaborately copied the caverns of the Fukassa Mines. Large wooden beams support the low ceiling of the damp caverns and the walls are coloured to match the minerals of the nearby mines. Hoes, shovels and other mining tools complete the setting. Miners’ gear is displayed in a glass case including; boots, khakis, helmets, oil lanterns, etc.

In the second room in lit glass diplay cases are minerals from the mine: chalcopyrite, iron pyrite, ocher and others. There are also products from the Fokasas metals including; copper, silver, gold, etc.

Also on display are objects made of copper. Photographs of miners at work or during break time complement the image of the largest and most historic copper mine in Cyprus.


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