Nature Trail – The Baths of Rigena and Chlio

The nature trail “The Baths of Rigena and Chlio” is located outside the village of Moutoullas (840 m altitude), in North Marathasa, 70 km from Nicosia and 75 km from Limassol.

It is a 1.5 km path in a circular shape that is easy to walk around. Throughout the journey, there is information about what is interesting for the walker. There you will see the banks of the Setrachos river or the river of Marathasa or the river of Eftavrison, where are the four known springs of sulfuric waters.

The area is also called the Baths of Rigena, since according to the myth during the Frankish period Riegena went there for her bathing, which during the summer was devoted to the Medieval settlement of Marathos. On the path you will find two Venetian bridges. One is dedicated to lovers and is offered for the first kiss calling couples to lock their love with a lock and throw away the key.

Chlios was just a few meters below Rigena’s baths. It comes from the word tepid (GR – chliaro) water, due to the sulphurous water that comes out. This was where the women of Moutoullas went to wash their clothes. 

Route: 1,5Κm – Circular
Route Time: 1 hour
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
General Description: Driving-Downhill
More appropriate period: March – November
Attention point: Slight slip risk
Drinking Water on the Route: Yes


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