O Mylos tis Gonias (The Corner Mill)

The abundant waters of Kakopetria, Karkotis and Garillis, gave the necessity for the construction of watermills. O Mylos tis Gonias was one of them. It was built above the main road, on the left bank of the river Agios Nikolaos – a tributary of the Karkotis river. It was primarily used to grind wheat and barley into flour.

It was built in 1754 by a priest of the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos. The testimonies agree that this Mill was originally owned by the Archdiocese and then passed into the hands of other owners. One piece of information suggests that one of its owners, bought it from the Archbishop for the price of three hundred Cyprus pounds. While another one is said to have been bought by five people at the price of two hundred and fifty Cyprus pounds. The mill was so popular at the time that it often took a 5-day wait for farmers to be served.

The mill was in operation until 1950. It was restored in 1980 and today it is a point of interest for the region and a tourist attraction for visitors.

The mill consists of a large square picker, which narrows downwards. Inside this wooden “funnel”, grains like wheat and barley were added. They would gradually descend to the middle of the two millstones to be ground. Depending on the lever placed on each millstone, the grains were milled into fine or coarse depending on their use.