Osios Kyriakos (Saint Kyriakos) Chapel

The church of Agios Kyriakos was built in the 16th century and is a typical example of a medieval catacomb.

It is a wooden-royal basilica with a special protrusion on the north wall, where the Holy Sepulcher is located. The chamber is located in the middle of the length of the northern side, it is accessible through the main church and is covered with a lowered arch and a protrusion of the outer roof of the main church.

The church consists of a narthex, the main church and the altar. On the north side there is a chapel containing the tomb of the Saint. The hagiography of the church was made later by its creation, but then it was covered with lime. Today, there are very few frescoes around the arch, with which the main church communicates with the small chapel where the tomb of the saint is.

The iconostasis is of exceptional art and dates back to the 16th century, while the icon of Christ displayed here is of the 17th century. In the arch is preserved a famous, but in poor condition, picture of the 16th century Virgin Mary, from the scene of the Annunciation. To the left, between the bow and the north door, Agios Demetrios is displayed.

The relic of Agios Kyriakos is located in the church of Agia Marina in Evrychou. His memory is celebrated on May 24th. The church remains open every day.