Osiou Seraphim tou Sarof Monastery

At the end of the Solea valley, in the green area of Exinta (Sixty) of Skouriotissa, there is the Holy retreat of Holy Seraphim of Sarof. The Retreat was renovated in 2001 to accommodate the Russian Emperor Father Ambrosios Gorelov, since the Police Station of the Skouriotissa Mining Settlement was housed in the area.

Father Ambrosios knew a lot about hagiographic art and especially the Byzantine period, so one of the rooms was transformed into a small church, so that he could perform his devotional duties. There is a chapel dedicated to Holy Seraphim within the retreat, and a small piece of his bones is housed here.

Holy Seraphim was given the gift of insight and miracles by God. The retreat celebrates on the 2nd of January, the day of the memory of the Holy Father and Our Lady, our father Seraphim of Sarof. Many believers attend both the pilgrimage of the night service and the Divine Liturgy.


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