Panagia Eleousas Church

The church of Panagias Eleousas is located in the centre of the village and is today the largest and main church of Korakou. It was built in the 18th century and is one of the largest three-aisled churches in Cyprus with colonnades and pine-wood bows. On the outside, the church seems to be wooden-roofed with hooked tiles, but the inner roof is made from laths in a semi-cylindrical form, giving the impression that the roof is made of stone. Initially, the church was single-aisled and became three-aisled when it was extended. In the church there is also a gynecone with expansions to the northern and southern aisles.

The bell tower is made of stone and carved with various Byzantine motifs and is one of the most beautiful in the area of ​​Solea. Preserved recently by the Department of Antiquities. In the church there is a movable icon of the Archangel Michael that is attributed to the folk painter Minas of Myrianthousa, who lived in the 15th century, as well as the ambiguous image of the 17th-century of the Virgin Mary Aristerokratousas Odigitrias, at the back of which the Crucifixion is depicted. An important icon, also of the 18th century, is the Christ on a Throne and is attributed to painter Gabriel Kykkotis. In 1765 the Archbishop of Kyrenia, Chrysanthos gave the church a bible printed in 1754 in Venice by the printing house of Nicholas Sarou.