Panagia Iamatiki Church

The church of Panagia Iamatiki was built in 1993 in the ruins of an older church. The first attempt to erect the church was in 1931, but the effort was abolished when a wrong move by the builders led to the collapse of the church. In 1975, the need for a newer and larger church, due to the fact that the number of inhabitants grew significantly, a new building project began. While everything went smoothly, the south side of the church collapsed. It was soon repaired and in 1993 the church was opened.

Although the icon found was of Panagia Eleousa, the temple was dedicated to the Virgin Mary Iamatiki.

A visit to the church of Panagia Iamatiki can be combined with a general walk in the village of Kaliana, where one can visit the bridge of Agios Iraklidios, the church of Ioakim & Anni and finally make a stop at Hani of Kaliana.

The temple is celebrated on the 15th August (Ascension of the Virgin Mary) and Easter Monday.