Papapetrou Olive Mill

In almost all the villages of the Solea region, there is a high production of olives and their oil. Thousands of ancient trees, and more recent ones, are planted in large areas for the sole purpose of collecting their precious fruit. Most olives are transported to the mills to extract oil. The first mechanical-press mill operated in 1938 by the pioneers and visionaries of the time, brothers Petros and Christos Papapetrou.

The mill originally worked without a separator and followed a separate process for oil production. The liquid that came out by the pressing of the olives was put in large containers, when the oil rose to the top, it was collected by hand. After the war of 1940, this mill was one of the first to bring and install separators in Cyprus, thus modernising it and improving the quality of their oil.

Since 2000 the mill belongs to Lefkos and Socrates Papapetrou. It produces olive oil mechanically and only from olive trees that are planted in the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of the villages of Solea, Pitsilia, Marathassa and Western Nicosia.

Contact info:
Address: 8, Michalaki Karaoli Street, 2831, Evrychou

The oil mill is open from November to February.


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