Perennial Oaks and Cypress

These ancient trees or giant trees are the long-lived and large-scale plant species of the planet. Some of these trees stand proudly despite the years they are weighing on them, unaffected by the harsh test of weather and time. They were spared from the destructive fury of fire, but more importantly, of man.

In Kannavia we find such trees, namely perennial oaks and a cypress tree. The cypress has an area of ​​2.64 metres, a height of 16 metres and is 300 years old, while the oaks have a circumference of 4.01 metres, a height of 21 metres and the oldest is 450 years old, and the second oldest oak is 2.98 metres in circumference, 18 metres tall and is 200 years old.

These trees are living monuments of nature, they are closely tied to the history, legends and traditions of the area and are an integral and precious part of Cyprus’s natural heritage. They stand out for their very old age and their enormous dimensions, while some are considered sacred and as such, have their own particular significance.

For several years the Forestry Department has been implementing a special protection and preservation program for these trees. Firstly, the location of all the evergreen trees are documented, whether in the forest or on private land. Those located in the forest are protected by Forest Law. Each case is evaluated separately and the maintenance of the trees that are in direct danger of being destroyed begins. For trees outside the forest areas, maintenance is carried out in collaboration with the Department of Urban Planning and Housing, after being declared as protected.


Natural Monuments