Pinus Brutia (Rough Pine)

The forests of Cyprus are mainly natural forests with an amazing biodiversity and high ecological value. They have little wood productivity, but they are very important because they offer many other goods and services, with economic value multiplied by this wood production. Such goods are forest recreation and ecotourism, the protection of biodiversity, water conservation, soil protection, greenhouse gas relief, landscape improvement and the production of prey, aromatic plants, mushrooms and other products.

The main forest tree is the rough pine (Pinus brutia) from the beach upto 1200-1400 m. It is called rough pine because of the “roughness” of its needles. Pine needles are normally flat and prick easily. In the rough pine, the leaf edges are serrated and the needles are not fully wrapped, resulting in a rough feeling when touched. The rough pine tree is used for its wood due to the great quality of the logs and the resin.


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