Pinus Nigra (Black Pine)

At the highest altitudes of Troodos, the black pine or (Pinus nigra ssp. Pallasiana) overlooks the forest. The extent of the forest according to the latest inventory of the Department of Forests amounts to 4,976 hectares.

The Black pine is a large evergreen tree, with a height of 20-55 meters in maturity. The bark is gray to yellowish brown and is divided by strips into scaly plaques. The leaves (pine needles) are thinner and more flexible in western populations. Black pine grows at a moderate speed of about 30 to 70 centimeters each year. It usually has a round, conical crown that becomes irregular as it grows. The tree can live several years, with some trees over 500 years old. It needs plenty of light to grow properly and does not tolerate shade while it is resistant to cold and frost.

The forests are managed by the Department of Forests to provide recreation, nature protection and other related functions, while wood production is a secondary management objective. Many forest areas have been marked as National Forest Parks and Areas for the Protection of Flora and Fauna. Also, state forests account for more than 70% of the total area of ​​the NATURA 2000 network in our country.


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