Platanus (Plane Tree)

In large rivers, one of the predominant species is Platanus orientalis. It is a large tree and can live thousands of years.

This genus includes about 10 species of large and long-lived, deciduous trees, reaching a height of 50 meters. and are particularly prevalent in North America, as well as in the central and southern regions of Europe and Asia. They have a bulky trunk that is usually branched a few feet above the ground and a majestic crown, which rests on very robust primary arms. The bark of the trunk, which is very thin and light-colored, is easily detached into “scales” leaving exposed the smooth cork layer below it and it is yellow or light green. The plane tree has light green, rather skin-like leaves, that are divided into 3 or 5 distinct lobes and are reminiscent of the maple leaves.

It has male and feminine flowers that appear on the same tree with spherical “heads” and a long pedicle, but they are small and totally insignificant from an ornamental point of view. Flowering is observed in April-May. Its fruits are small acorns joined in characteristic spherical seed heads, somewhat arched and equipped with a long stalk. They mature in autumn and can stay on the tree throughout the winter season.


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