Quercus Alnifolia (Golden Oak)

Of the shrubs, at the middle and higher altitudes, common species is the endemic quark (Quercus alnifolia) that forms pure forests or is found along with the pine.

The shrub is a class of plants that do not have a central trunk, their height is up to three meters and their branches are branched off from the ground level. The stems of the shrubs are strongly branched out, and in this way they get their characteristic shape. Shrubs can only be defined morphologically. Based on evolutionary and taxonomic systematization, they do not constitute a single set and are grouped into completely different groupings. Trees and bushes are always classified morphologically, tree-shrubs with a height of up to six meters. Generally, shrubs have a shorter life span than the tree and their stems are smaller and woody.

Shrubs develop rapidly, extending a relatively deep and branched root system in order to better exploit root moisture. Finally, shrubs secrete toxic substances for competing plants, such as herbs, thus inhibiting their growth. The multi-year nature of shrubs saves nutrients by significantly increasing their life cycle. Shrubs are a tough competitor for all other plant species, and only fires and human intervention suppress their frantic growth.


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