Quercus Calliprinos (Palestine oak)

The quercus coccifera calliprinos belongs to the family of the Fagales, which includes eight genera and about 1,050 species all over the globe. It belongs to the oak genus, which includes around 600 species. We can see them in many areas in Cyprus, including the Troodos Mountains.
It is an evergreen broadleaf bush or a small tree of 10 m high. Its bark is smooth at first and greyish, but later becomes deeply torn and turns grayish-black. The leaves are arranged alternately, simply, with a variety of shapes, leathery, bright green on the top surface, with or without hair on the bottom, with strong, indolent edges. The flowers are unique and flowering is from March to May. Its fruit is the acorn, which is carried in a bowl at the base, greenish in the beginning and brown when matured.
The passage is protected by the Forestry Legislation, and the logging of the tree is required by the Director of the Department of Forests or his representative.


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