Rodous’s Watermill

The Watermill of Rodou is one of the two watermills located in the village of Galata. It was formerly owned by the Monastery of Podithou and was restored in 2002. It is preserved as a museum by the community.

It consists of two imposing towering arches, with the groove at the top of which the water flowing from the top was passed, so that it had the power to turn the millstones to grind grains. The building itself is an exquisite building of invaluable architectural value, but the nature that surrounds it is of unique beauty. One can find it by walking down the stone alley below the Galata Cultural Centre. Built on the west bank of the Karkotis River, it is surrounded by lush vegetation creating an exquisite view that will not leave the visitor unimpressed.

The watermill ends with a small nature trail, starting from the church of Archangel Michael. The route covers a distance of one kilometre and runs along the riverside. The path gives the walkers the opportunity to experience the flora of the area, consisting of skitrels, plane trees, poplars, myrtle trees, ivy, while at the same time you can visit two important monuments of the Byzantine period, the churches of Panagia Podithou and the church of Archangel Michael.