Rotsos tou Morou (The Babe’s Boulder)

On a steep cliff of the Katholiki mountain range lies a huge boulder named Rotsos tou Morou. History claims that the residents of the village ran for shelter under the boulder to escape the raids of the Saracens. The Saracens however, forced a violinist to guide them to the spot where everyone was hidden.

He tried to deceive them by leading them to other nearby places, but at some point while they were passing by the boulder, a child’s cry was heard. He immediately realised that as soon as the Saracens heard the baby crying, many lives would be taken. He then started playing the violin loudly, to mask the baby’s cries and to simultaneously warn the residents cleverly hidden beneath the boulder.

Legend also states that he started singing this couplet “Mother, choke your child, get away with your life”. The mother, in order to silence the child, and to cease its cries, covered its mouth with her hands ultimately killing it. The residents were all spared from the death wish of the Saracens but the baby became a sacrifice. Since then, the boulder was named the Babe’s Boulder (Rotsos tou Morou) to remind people of the story that took place in the village.


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