Rural Fire Station

The Evrychou Fire Station was open after 1974, initially with basic facilities next to the Morphou Police Directorate. Today it is housed in a building that was erected by the Cyprus Fire Brigade. It is manned with a permanent firefighter and eight emergency (on-call) firefighters who reside and work in the community. In the event of an emergency, they are notified directly by the Station Officer or the Police, to deal with domestic, forest and rural fires, evacuation to road accidents, pumping rainwater from floods and other special services.

The station covers a large mountainous and wooded area, but also a large lowland area bordering the dead zone. It covers the areas of Solea, Marathasa and some of the villages of Pitsilia. In the event of an emergency, such as extensive forest fires, it helps the Limassol District (Troodos Forest District) and the Peristerona Agricultural Fire Station.

The Fire Brigade has three vehicles, namely a three-man tanker, a two-man rapid-action and a four or five-person tanker.

Contact info
Address: Markou Drakou 12, Evrychou
Tel.: +357 22932105


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