Rural health Centre

The Rural Health Centre serves the wider area of ​​Solea and is housed in the building that once housed in the all-girls school. It was later modified to meet today’s requirements.

Until 1932 both the village of Evrychou and the other villages in the area, did not have a regular doctor. Most cases were treated by “practitioners”, such as childbirth, orthopedics, tonsils, lumbago, hypertension, toothache, wounds and stings.

At the start of 1932 the first governmental doctor and pharmacist were appointed to the village, and later in the post-colonial period, after 1960, health conditions improved continuously.

At the Agricultural Health Centre of Evrychou, as well as in all health centres, primary health care is offered, which is the point of first contact of the patient with the doctor.

The Evrychou Health Centre is open from 7.30am until 2.30 pm daily, and from 3.00 pm until 6.00 pm on Thursday afternoons and the duty to wait and call is done day by day. This centre serves a total of 5,035 inhabitants of the Evrychou area.


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