Siapa Bey Watermill

Flassou is a mixed village in the area of ​​Solea in Nicosia, about 3 kilometers northwest of Evrychou village. The community is built in the valley of the Karkotis River, at an average altitude of 330 meters. The altitude of the village is between 250 and 400 meters.
Flassou had large quanities of cotton and silk. And also has always produced many grains and olives, thus had many watermills and olive mills.
In the Molos area lies one of the two perfectly preserved watermills, the watermill of Siapa Bey.
These watermills are usually stone-built water towers, tall, rectangular, square or circular. The grooves leading to the pit are supported by arches or walls with trusses. It consists of an oblong one-storied, the long or two-room with beams or arches and a flat roof. The impeller is usually horizontal, wooden and later iron.
It is important for a place where conditions require proper management and water-saving to have hydraulic infrastructure plans for the collection, storage and distribution of water. This is an integral part of the once-high-tech mill, including dams, tanks, grooves, watercourses, pits, etc…