Stavrou tou Agiasmati Church

The church of Stavrou tou Agiasmati is located in the Troodos mountain range, in the Pitsilia area, 6.5 km northwest of Platanistasa village. It was built in the late 15th or early 16th century, at the expense of the priest Petros Peratis and his wife Pepani, who are portrayed in a fresco.

The church, formerly constituted a catholic small monastery dedicated to the Holy Cross. Its existence is evidenced by the inscription on the south door of the temple, but also on the north door marked «Τίμιου Σταυρού του Αγιασμάτι» (Holy Cross of Agiasmati).

The church of Timiou Stavrou belongs to the type of wood-roofing temple that is very common in the area of ​​Troodos. The main church is one-storied and is surrounded by a closed gallery on its four sides. It is a fairly complex structure.

The church is an important monument of ecclesiastical architecture with particular interest in iconographic decoration. In 1985 it was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monument.

The wall paintings are painted by the painter Philip Goul, who was influenced by Byzantine and Western painting, as well as by local tradition.

A large wooden painted cross is preserved in the church, and the original iconostasis, along with the newest 17th-century wood-carved iconostasis.