Stone Bridge

The stone bridge in the village of Flassou is connected with a very interesting story. Tradition says that if a bride and groom were to cross over the bridge Flassou to Agios Epiphanios or vice versa then the village to which they were headed would be destroyed. But no one knows for sure whether the destruction of Agios Epiphanios that was finally brought about, was due to Stavrinos and Theognosia, the couple who defied the legend and crossed the bridge around 1950, headed from Flassou to Agios Epiphanios. This was a testimony of a resident of the village, whose ancestor tried to stop them. Since then, life has ceased to exist in Agios Epiphanios.

Flassou is a mixed village in the area of ​​Solea in Nicosia, about 3 kilometers northwest of Evrychou village. The community is built in the valley of the Karkotis River, at an average altitude of 330 meters. The altitude of the village is between 250 and 400 meters.