Strawberry Greenhouses

The greenhouse cultivation of strawberries is particularly widespread in the village of Korakou. Strawberries are grown in 2-hectare greenhouses and visitors can visit the plantations and buy strawberries directly from the farmer. When winter temperatures are low, the strawberries are covered to protect them from ice and the cold. This is why they are grown in greenhouses.

The Strawberries grown here are most probably from Chile, but the European strawberry is also known to be native to hilly and woody and semi-forest areas. In Europe, the first wild strawberry cultivation began in the Middle Ages in Rome and the only known variety at that time came from the Alps. The varieties grown today are the product of American and European strawberries.

For more information or to contact the owner to schedule a visit, please call Mrs. Daniela Grigoriou +357 99 86 27 34.


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