Styllis’s Watermill

In the ​​Solea region, there were around 26 flour mills, indicating the large production of grains and the driving force of the water, which was abundant in the region. The pit where the impeller was located and where the water was momentarily falling was originally wooden. This pit was called a koudouka and was of Greek manufacture. Styllis’s Mill in Evrychou was one of them, and was in operation until recently. It is the most picturesque of all the mills in the area. The mill is built on a hillside, a few metres away from the main road of the village. A small picturesque uphill road leads to it, in a place of lush green and exceptional beauty.

This mill was built in 1878 by Hadjistyllis Hadjichristofi and originally operated as a flour mill. In 1910, with the addition of new machines, began to process cotton. The flour mill was visited by nearly all the villages in Cyprus to grind or to clean cotton.

In the old days, grinding at the mill was a job that every household had to carry out at least three times a year. It was a tedious task, but also had a festive character.