Tembria Community Council

Tembria is a beautiful village located in the centre of the Solea valley and is about 60 km from the capital. The average altitude of the village is 500 meters and its highest point is 900 meters. In winter, the climate is cold, while the summer is cool.

The name of the village is linked to King Temvro. According to local tradition, the area of ​​the village was an ancient kingdom. Tradition says that in a village location called “Vassilika” the king’s palace was built. Some even mention that there is a big treasure hidden there.

Walking through the Tembria, one will surely be enchanted by the beauty of nature: the green of the trees, the fresh air and the sweet singing of the birds.

For more information about the village you can visit the official website or contact the Community Council.

Contact info
Address: Tassos Okakaridis 8, 2842 Telvria, Nicosia
Tel.: +357 22932427
Fax: +357 22932431
Email: kstembria@yahoo.gr
Website: http://www.Tembria.com/


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