The Agios Georgios Perachoritis (St. George’s) Church

The church of Agios Georgios Perachoritis is located on the north side of the village and on the left of the tourist road to Troodos, under a large bridge. The name ‘Perachoritis’ is drawn from the neighborhood there, which is beyond the village and is also known as ‘Pera Gitonia’ (Beyond the neighbourhood) or ‘Pera Chorio’ (Beyond the village).

The church was built in the 16th  century (1520). The exterior is built of stone and seems to be from the Byzantine period. Inside it is entirely frescoed. Most frescoes have been ruined by the passage of time. Only two are preserved: one depicts Agia Anastasia tin Farmakolytra and the other Agia Paraskevi.

The small iconostasis is wooden, carved and gilded. The church has colourful decoration. It is a small church and can accommodate about 50 people.

It functions on the 23rd of April or Easter Monday, when St. George is celebrated and the harvesting of his holy image takes place.