The Agios Panteleïmonos Church

The church of Agios Panteleïmonos is the main church of the village. It was rebuilt in 1989 and completed in 1994. It is quite a large church with a capacity of approximately 700 people. The architecture of the church is based on the Byzantine style and bears a dome.

Inside the church, it is frescoed with images of the Virgin Platytera, Christ’s Resurrection, the Annunciation and various other representations of saints. The iconostasis, which is of carved wood, features the three gates, the beautiful gate in the middle, with the other two on the left and right. The podiums and the despot throne are also carved wood. On the west side of the church beneath the women’s narthex, the dedicated icon of Saint Panteleimon is located. On either side of the narthex there are two rooms which will be converted into a separate baptistery. Finally, the church features an amphitheater-style balcony, allowing church-goers to view various ecclesiastical ceremonies from above.

The memory of St. Panteleimon is celebrated by the church on the 27th of July, with many believers flocking to honor him.