The EOKA Limeria (Hideout Dens)

The Limeria was a four-part hideout den: the headquarters, the warehouse, a galley, and an observatory. They are located on the ridge that overlooks the village of Kourdali. The headquarters of EOKA was located here for a while. The leader lived in the main hideout.

Limeria was constructed in the summer of 1955 by residents of Spilia-Kourdali and Kyperounda, under the direction of the Chief of Staff of the region, Renos Kyriakidis. Lemeria also hosted EOKA leader General George Griva Digeni and other 18 rebels from 23/11/1955 to 11/12/1955.

From Limeria, Digenis directed the EOKA struggle, organized ambushes, sent messages and orders to its chiefs and to the leaders of the guerrilla groups. There, the inexperienced rebels were trained to cope with their mission. Some nights, Digenis with his staff went to Kourdali and were housed in a secluded home by Andreas Fylaktis. Digenis was hosted at the residence of Stelios Tsagaridis in Spilia shortly before settling in Limeria.

On 11/12/1955, Limeria was surrounded by a number of English soldiers. Here, the then famous ‘Battle of the Caves’ was carried out, with tragic results for the English. After the battle the English discovered and blew up the hideouts. Since then such a system of hideouts were never built again by EOKA.

Today the hideouts have been repaired by the Department of Forests, which has created a network of trails in the area, with explanatory and directional signs and benches. This makes it easier to visit the Limeria. In addition, a forest road leads up to the ridge above Digenis headquarters. The visit of the Limeria Hideouts takes about two hours.