The Karkotis and Garrillis River Connection Point

The Karkotis and Garillis rivers are the two main tributaries of the Klario River. The first one originates from the northwestern slopes of Papoutsa, while the second one from the northeastern slopes of Troodos. On their way to their connection and the creation of the Klario River, hundreds of springs reinforce them with their own waters. The two rivers merge in the village and form the Klario River, which crosses the Solea valley and then flows into the Gulf of Morphou, PentAgia.

On the riverbed there are ducks that give their grace and beauty to the picturesque landscape. The beauty of the area is completed with the two bridges that exist on the site.

Nearby is the Vateri Nature Trail, which was created on the west bank of the Strait of the Klario River and along its course follows the course of the river. A dense forest of Plane trees and oaks, creating a beautiful backdrop for photographs.


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