The Kargotis River (or Klarios or Karkotis)

The Klarios River flows from the northeastern slopes of the Troodos peak and flows into the occupied Morphou Bay. It is 24,750 metres long.

The river has created the unique valley of Solea, rich in vegetation and fruit trees. Along the river are artificial canals, through which the water is led to the villages of the valley.

Between the old and new settlement of Kakopetria, the Klarios is divided into three tributaries. The former is not an important source of water. But the other two, the Karkotis and Garillis, are important to the contribution to the total volume of water that the Klarios carries.

Tall pine trees, plane trees and poplars dominate the lush landscape, unlike the acacias and oak trees that are only sparse in the area.

The continuous river flow is used by various farms in the area to breed freshwater trout, which can be enjoyed at the local restaurants of the area.


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