The Kyrillou Watermill

Kyrillos’s mill is located in Galata, next to the Karkotis River, and has been restored, making it the attraction of visitors, locals and foreigners.

Chrysanthos and Andreas Kyrillou were the only ones all over Cyprus who knew how to process and assemble the millstones, set up the mill and mark it. So the Kyrillou mill was one of the strongest and most famous flour mills in and around the area.

Next to the big impeller of the mill there is a vertical stone-built funnel, 20 metres high, which shows only its lower narrow mouth, the “sifounin” (chute), from where water is shot at high pressure, during operation, giving the mill its power and motion. Inside the mill, in a relatively spacious room are three mills, one for wheat, the second for barley and the third for groats.

Millstones, low cylinders of solid hard stone, a solid bottom and a rotating shaft around a metal shaft above form the basis of the grinding mechanism. They are engraved with many equidistant notches, which the miller manages with the use of the milocharain (short steel hammer) to achieve the grinding of the seeds as they move between the fired stones. The water is fed from the Avadji, a huge funnel that is mounted above the millstones and has a regulator to control the flow of the seeds.