The Metamorfoseos tou Sotiros (Transfiguration of the Savior) Church

The Metamorfoseos tou Sotiros church is built in the centre of the traditional settlement of Kakopetria and was built in the 16th century (ca. 1520).

The church is built in the basilica style, while externally it is made of stone. It has the capacity to accommodate about 10-150 people.

Old sections of the church’s frescoes, named after hagiographer Simeon Afxentis, were found beneath the floor due to the expansion of the church in 1880 and 1960. Today, many remarkable scenes of the 16th and 17th centuries are preserved.

Particular mention should be made of the following:

  1. Bimothyros: Above: Represents the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary – Below: Hierarchs Kingdom, Gregory and Nicholas.
  2. Crucifixion: It is a work of the 16th century of excellent Byzantine art.
  3. Icon of Christ: image of large dimensions that was transferred from the chapel of Panagia tis Apotheriotissas.
  4. Icon of the Virgin Mary: an excellent art icon that was also transferred from the chapel of Panagia tis Apotheriotissas.
  5. Icon of Archangel Michael: an icon of the 16th century, painted on a hard membrane.
  6. Icon of St. George: moved from the chapel of Agios Georgios and is of outstanding art.

The church is celebrated on August 6th, where the holy image of the Holy Sepulcher is taken.