The Oak Square of Galata

One of the most enchanting moments in Galata can be enjoyed by visiting the village square. There, the ancient oak will offer shade and coolness, next to the Karkotis (Karkotis) river. This oak belongs to the Quercus Infectoria Subsp veneris variety has a height of 16 metres, a trunk circumference of 5.40 metres and an estimated age of 600 years.

A notable mention should be made to the square of the village, where under the shade of the ancient oak and plane trees, with the Karkotis river flowing next to it, offer unforgettable moments of peace and tranquility as well as coolness during the summer months. You may be lucky enough to experience one of the many events that take place here, in the square of the village.

Today, in Galata, due to the necessary infrastructure and accommodation, its sights (the Byzantine icons, the Museum of Folk Art, the Kyrillou Watermill, the picturesque nature trails, the lush greenery, traditional houses with their balconies and the fact that it is so near to Nicosia, Limassol and Troodos, makes traffic to and from the village increase from year to year.


Natural Monuments